Saturday, July 28, 2012

Up. All. Night.

Yes we are in the stage of being exhausted and never sleeping, but taking care of and snuggling with these cute little peanuts is such a blessing.
Mimi and sleepy bambinos
Me and my teeny tiny cuties!
The new aunts: Aunt Amy and Katy
I love this sleepy little face.
These outfits are so tiny but still drown them!
My cute friend, Kellie
I love this one of my sister Amy and Bryson engaging with her.
Cute Aunt Katy
Grandpa and Mimi with the Halloween cutie pies. Bryson's expression makes me laugh and then there is Adrie as mellow as can be.
October 15th Adrie graduated from her Oxygen! It was so tricky to have to try to carry her, her apnea monitor, and a giant O2 tank around. We were VERY excited that she was doing better and to have one less cord. Bryson had to remain on the caffeine until November 10th. It was so frustrating and hard to not be able to do anything to console or comfort him. All you could do was hold him and love him while he cried. Soon after he was off it and it was out of his system, he was a completely different baby! Not always irritable wrestlessness and crying and he slept a little better, too. To anyone who also has to have a baby on it for sleep apnea, you have my complete and total empathy.
Sweeties checking each other out and also sporting their apnea monitor cords, never leave the crib without them! 

Adorable little Bry guy
Bryson and Grandma 
Adrie and Grandpa Francom 
My friend, Jill, made these adorable little hats!
Happy 1 month old sweet babies!
Sweet little Aidy Bug 
"I'm tougher than I look". Yes you are my little man -you have been through so, so much! Being on caffeine for so long has not been easy... For you, or Mommy and Daddy!
First day of church! 
Sharing their swing, love this one! 
Daddy having a little chat with Bryson about sleeping a little better :) 
Adrie girl and her Dad 
Shot time... between all the vaccines and the RSV shot, they had so many :( They both weighed the exact same at the end of November: 9 lb, 1.7 oz.
Sunday afternoon nap time in the swing 
We are and always will be Utah State fans since we are both Alumni, but we are also Ute football fans :)
2 Months Old!
Adrie kept rooting on his binking. Pretty funny. Love these two more than words!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Twins: Double the Blessings!

Brett gave the most perfect, beautiful baby blessings to Adrie and Bryson in church. (Only about 7 months ago... sorry!) These two little munchkins have been the biggest blessing ever in our lives and I thank Heavenly Father for them every day! We are so lucky to have so much support and had a wonderful day with our friends and family. My mom custom made the most beautiful outfits for the twins. I gave her an idea of what I wanted and she made it a reality... She has an amazing attention to detail and they are absolutely stunning and so special!
I did take about 100 pictures of the two of them and yes this is the best I could come up with!
Adrie girl giving big smiles for Grandpa!
Sweet little Bryson
Our tough guy
Sweet smiles
Invitation I made
Winter Dessert Buffet
"Poppi" doesn't easily give out a big smile for the camera so I will always treasure this picture of his proud beaming face holding his two newest great grand-babies. 
4 Generation Kummer side
Francom 4 Generations 
Uncle Josh and Aunt Katy
Francom Cousins
Braden and Braxton making their 15th trip to the dessert buffet... It was a hit with the kids! 
My beautiful mom, and some very tired babies!
Kenzi and Taylor
Proud Grandpa K!
Grandma and Aunt Michelle
Proud Grandma feeding Bry guy
I made a "blessing tree" and had the guests write little notes to Adrie and Bryson for them to read one day about their special day. 
Pretty lil' cupcakes we made
I spray painted and added glitter to pinecones and paired them with white and silver ornaments for easy centerpieces.

Yummy treats!

Yummy food spread
The little mr and miss were excited to get into their comfy clothes and relax after a fun day!
PS: Thanks again to my husband, dad, and Josh for helping move a lot of our furniture into the garage so I could have pretty tables :)