Friday, April 13, 2012

Turkey Day with our Turkies

We had a nice Thanksgiving with all the Francom family at Brett's parents. The babies were even so thoughtful to take a nap right during Thanksgiving dinner. It was a treat to enjoy without holding or feeding a baby :)
Adrie girl started smiling about Thanksgiving :)
Our little turkies. (Thanks, Mimi for the onesies!)

Happy Owl-o-ween!

Aunt Amy (my sister) made the most ADORABLE owl hats. Here are my little owls for Halloween! Aren't they too cute?!
Sleepy little owls. (Mimi made the cute little onesies)
Baby girl.
Baby boy.
No more pictures, Mom! Don't we all have days we feel like this? :)

Newborn Photoshoot

A friend of mine (Shelli Dame Photography) did our newborn photoshoot. Since they were a month and a half, they were kind of out of that always sleepy newborn stage so it was a little crazy and a lot of work from all of us. Brett may or may not have gotten pooped and peed on by Bryson... twice... Getting the individuals wasn't too bad, but it was a little more tricky getting them together. This shot was one of the last pictures taken.... Brett was actually blowing a hairdryer on them to keep them warm and to keep Bryson's little peepers closed! I have to smile every time I look at it. I am glad we were able to capture some sweet pictures of them in this stage. It goes by all too quickly!!
Many of the pictures looked something like this... This is also a glimpse of this stage of our life! :)
20 fingers, 20 toes, 2 sweet babies with cheeks of rose.
Born the same day, 2 gifts from above.
Lives en"twin"ed, 2 babies to love.

Bringing home babies!

When Adrie was two weeks, she graduated from the NICU! We "roomed in" with Adrie a night at the hospital to become familar with the monitor and oxygen on our own.
First car ride! She is so itty bitty!
Welcome home, baby girl!
Adrie's first bath!
Daddy taking good care of me!
In her jammies.
Bryson had his circumcision done right before he came home. It was the sadest cry you've ever heard :(
Bryson's first car ride! It was such a great feelig to be able to take Bryson home with us as well. I felt like he was being left behind when Adrie came home! I still was able to visit him in the NICU every day though.
Family of four all home!
First night home together. The little tie seemed so small until I put it on Bryson!
It was so nice to be able to look at or hold my babies any time I wanted. Having them home and with all the monitors and oxygen was an adjustment. More than once did I accidentally unplug something forgetting I couldn't just simply pick up my baby and more more than a foot. What a relief though it was to have those monitors. Even though they were always waking us (and probably the neighbors) up, it was such a piece of mind knowing that we didn't have to worry.
Bryson didn't exactly enjoy his first bath as much as Adrie...

Two arm fulls of love.

 What an absolute blessing these bundles of joy are in our lives! I am exhausted in every way but  LOVE being a Mom!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

NICU days.

NICU. Tough days for the little babies and tough days for the Mom and Dad! It is so hard to see your kids struggle... Struggle to eat, struggle keeping sats up, struggle with sleep apnea, struggle with maintaining body temperature... and all those cords!! You want nothing more than for them to be thriving and healthy. They were little fighters though. There was another couple there that had a very premature baby that was on a ventilator and had so many complications there was a slim chance of him making it. My heart ached for them as they wanted nothing more than to hold their baby. It really made me realize more what miracles these babies (plural) truely were and we were incredibly blessed to be chosen as their parents.

**sorry this post isn't exactly chronological, but I figured I better get caught up on the blog already!
Sweet little princess! She had to have surfactant in her lungs to help her breathe due to the lungs being under developed. This is her feeding tube. She would need to eat approximately 22 ccs (which is a VERY small amount, but so much work for these little guys). Whatever they weren't able to eat on their own, would go through their tubes.
Brett changing tiny Bryson with his giant hands!
Mimi meeting Adrie
My mom was absolutely incredible (as always) after we had the babies. She stayed with us for about a month and a half. She cleaned our home, cooked yummy food, and made the million drives with me to the NICU... (I'm sure she enjoyed seeing the munchkins, too though). Once they were home, she got up with me every two hours or whenever they would wake up to eat to help feed one. She taught me a lot about love, patience, and how to be a new mother. I can't possibly thank her (and my Dad while he was wifeless) enough for everything she did!!
I was lucky to get amazing in-laws! My wonderful mother-in-law, Janae holding Adrie. It's so nice to have them only an hour away. If we ever needed anything they would jump in the car and be there soon. It's been nice having them come up to visit and tend while we go out to lunch and get a much needed break :)
They both graduated from the heat lamps to isolettes. This is Bryson's isolette, to help him maintain his body heat. You just wish you could hold them any time you wanted!
Poor little Bry guy! He was put on daily caffeine as a therapy to help with his sleep apnea. This was to help prevent him from going into a really deep sleep that he would stop breathing. When he did have an "episode" the nurse would come over and wake him and give him an oxygen mask if needed. It was so scary to us at first but we soon became familiar to them setting the monitors off at all hours when they were home. We became pros at waking babies up! Haha. The caffeine caused him to be constantly irritable... You know how you feel when you've had too many Dt. Cokes? :) Half the nurses would actually feed him half his bottle before measuring his belly since he had a "temper" when he wanted his bottle as they put it. He didn't go off of it until he was 3 months old.... There was A LOT of crying during those three months. Poor little thing.
Feeding baby Adrie
Holding them both for the first time. About a week old here.

Bryson, Adrie
It was such an incredible feeling of love, gratefulness, and a little fear that I experienced at this very moment as I held hem both in my arms.
It was so good to see them finially reunited together when they were finally able to be in the same bed. The very next moring when I came for a visit, they were separated again because Bryson couldn't keep his temps up. I knew they were doing well, but when you just wanted them home with you, progress seemed slow. I'm sure moms can relate that things like this that made me cry! :) Dang hormones. 
I have to admit that a silver lining of having a c-cection was getting to stay in the hospital for a week. It was nice to have the time to recover a bit while they were getting cared for in the NICU. I really missed being able to just walk down the hall when I wanted to visit them once I went home! The hospital was about a 25 minute drive. My mom would drive me in the morning for a visit since I was on some nice meds :) and I would go with Brett in the evenings when he was home from work. I really looked forward to being able to love on my little sweeties! I missed them soooo much when I couldn't be near them. Although it was difficult to not have them home for 2 weeks (Adrie) and 3 weeks (Bryson) we were grateful that they were getting amazing care.
I would pump and bring the milk every time I visited the NICU. I did my best to keep up because the nurses commented on how they only liked breast milk and didn't want any fornula. haha. After a little while the Dr. gave the ok to nurse Adrie one feeding a day.
Things you don't really think about being difficult are breathing and eating at the same time! This was a struggle especially for Bry guy. Little Bryson got down to 3 lb, 14 oz.
Sleepy girl. 
Bryson having sweet dreams.
So sweet! I love this pic of Brett kissing his baby girl.
It was a rare thing to see Adrie for a moment without her oxygen tube. They tried weaning her in the NICU with no luck. She sported a big green o2 tank along with an apnea monitor attached to her chest when she came home.
First family photo. Crazy that they were drowning in their preimie cothes!
It sure was a learning experience for us and we are so grateful for our sweet little angels, modern technology and Heavenly Father to help us through.