Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birth Story.

35.5 Weeks. The average gestation age of twins is 36 weeks. On the afternoon of September 14th, Brett and I went into our routine, weekly visit to the Dr. Bierer. He did our ultra sound and checked the heart beats. Baby A (Adrie) was still breech meaning we still had to do a cesarian section. Baby B (Bryson) had a 2 vessel cord (rather than the typical 3) through out the whole pregnancy. There are a number of possible complications but the most common is getting enough nutrients and growth. His growth wasn't comparible to the rate of Adrie's this week. He also had a heart rate that was concerning to the Dr. He checked me and I was dialated to a 3 and 80% effaced. (A week ago I had no progression, so this was a shock to me!) He wanted us to do a non-stress test to make sure everything was okay, and to check my contractions. The tech kept asking me if I "felt that" and a lot of the contractions I didn't really feel unless they were really strong. I had braxton-hicks contractions throughout a good part of my pregnancy so I guess I thought there would be a great difference between those and real labor ones.

The office was closing soon and the Dr. came to look at my test results. He was surprised by my contractions and still concerned about Bryson's heart rate. "Well, how does tonight work for having a couple of babies?!" He had us go to Ogden Regional (our hospital) and get hooked up for further monitoring. We drive over, and by now our hearts are starting to race. I am actually getting butterflies and anxiety as I write this, remembering that night. So right there, in our car of the hospital parking lot, I had Brett give me a quick blessing and we also said a prayer together. All I cared about was healthy babies. Good thing we registered a took the hospital tour exactly one week ago! We were planning on going to dinner and golfing tonight (I was in charge of driving the cart only). Small change of plans.

Brett called both our parents to give them a heads up just in case so my parents could start looking at flights out of Phoenix. (I was stressing, just a little!) I thought it was silly that Brett's parents were already on their 1 hour drive up. I was still in denial that this was all really happening. I got all hooked up to the machines and my contractions were getting stronger and closer together by the time our Dr. came in to check me again. I was already at a 4... He said "well looks like you are in labor and they are ready to come!" What?! So much for packing a bag or having my camera. Haha. The nurse told us we would have them within the hour, and we filled out some paperwork. In less than 1 hour we would be parents of two!

Brett met his parents in the hall as they arrived to borrow their camera and we ran into the operating room. They hooked me up to an iv and gave me a spinal. I was really nervous but felt the reassurance from Heavenly Father and Brett that our babies would be okay. I think the anesthesiologist was trying to make jokes like "don't worry, I've done this twice before"... I didn't appreciate the humor. I asked if I could watch them being born with a mirror, but they said they prefer not to let the mother watch. I would just have to rely on Brett to tell me all the details.
The birth as told by Brett:

Once Kim was numb from the spinal, they made the first incision. There was blood running everywhere, and they suctioned, and cauterized. The smell of burning flesh was enough to make you sick. Then they cut through another layer until they were at the uterus. There was the main Dr, and also another Dr, so there were hands everywhere. They pulled out the first sack and broke it with a pair of tweezers. I couldn't believe how much water there was! I was trying not to look surprised so I could keep Kim calm.
The doctor reached his hand inside and pulled out this white slimy thing. At first I thought it was the placenta, but then it starting moving I realized it was Adrie! They turned her over and suctioned her nose and mouth and she starting crying. It was a pretty amazing moment. The doctor said she was smaller than what he thought she would be from the ultra-sound, so this made me nervous because Bryson was suppose to be even smaller than she was. They clamped the cord and cut her free and took her into the next room. They reached in and got the other sack and popped it. They dug inside and pulled out Bryson. To my surprise he looked the same size as Adrie. The doctor said they weren’t much different in size. Both of them were here and had all their legs, arms, fingers and toes. They took Bryson into the NICU and the doctors started taking out the placentas and sewing everything back up. From the time they first cut until they were both out was only about 6 minutes. What a wild ride. (Especially for Kim who was in major pain from the gas and felt like her chest was going to break open.)
After Kim was taken care of I went in to see Adrie. She was laying there with two nurses checking her out. They said everything looked great and I got to touch her little hands for the first time. I took some pictures of her and they took her to be with Kim. I went into see Bryson and he was a little less lively. His oxygen wasn’t quite where they wanted it so they were giving him some oxygen and they said he was doing great except for the oxygen. It was still a scary thought to know that there was nothing you could do but stand there and watch. I was able to take some pictures of him and say hi to him, but we weren’t able to hold him right away.
I could feel them pulling and tugging on me and after hearing Brett's account of how rough they were and what happened, I'm relieved that I wasn't able to see everything as it was happening! While they were sewing me up, I had this incredibly intense chest pain and had a difficult time breathing. I thought I was having a heart attack. I guess that can happen when a lot of gas enters, and that is what I was feeling.

Brand. New. Holding Adrie for the first time before she was admitted to the NICU. I just held her and stared at her for two wonderful hours. Just me and her in my room. Meanwhile, Brett was with our Bryson in the NICU. I didn't get to meet him (other than the 1 second the Dr. held him up) until really early the next morning. It was killing me not to see him, so I forced myself to get out of bed and had Brett wheel me down the hall to the NICU.
Meet Adrie Ann (middle name from me, which I recieved from my mom)
8:05 p.m.
4 pounds 6 ounces
18.5" long
In most of our ultra sounds she had her arms up by her face when she was sleeping. That is still her favorite way to sleep. So sweet. 
So tiny and so precious.
Daddy and his little girl. He looks so good holding a baby!
Meet Bryson J (middle name shared with Brett, for Janae/his mother)
8:06 p.m.
4 pounds 1 ounce
17.5" long
I broke my heart to see them have to have so many cords and tubes attached to them... Poor little guy! 
My Mom and Dad arrived from Phoenix first thing the next morning. Here's Mimi meeting Bryson. 
Grandpa Kummer and Bryson. 
What an awesome day! We are instant parents of two! I can't believe how in love with them we already are.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A room fit for our Prince and Princess.

Brett had a feeling he wasn't getting off very easy with just putting a coat of paint on the walls and putting a few cribs together. I mean, what does he expect when he is married to an Interior Designer?! I must say though, he did a beautiful job and executed everything exactly as I asked him. I absolutely love the way our nursery turned out. Brett installed my new chandelier that I absolutely love, along with a dimmer light, which is a must in a nursery. He painted the walls a happy buttery yellow, then applied a stencil with metallic silver to the accent wall, and then lastly painted grey and silver stripes on the ceiling. It sure makes getting up at all hours a little easier when you have a beautiful room. And beautiful babies of course. :)
We used a LOT of tape. Mack thought it was a ball and wanted to play fetch.
Not one, but two cribs to put together :)
His... (Mr. Bryson) 
Dragonfly orb mobile I made for Bryson. They are so light and airy that they spin when you walk past them or when the air blows... So fun.
Custom bedding made by my mom ("Mimi) She made virtually everything in the nursery; she does BEAUTIFUL work!
And hers... (Miss Adrie)
Adrie's butterfly orb mobile I made for her. 
Custom bedding and crib quilt made from Amy Butler fabric by Mimi. 
I removed the origional hardware from the dresser and added some more unique/pretty ones. My sister, Katy painted the beautiful bird oil canvases. I love my glider!
Newborn, 0-3 size clothes only... Yeah, they are already so spoiled!! 
Olive and Olivia the owls we made, along with the diaper stacker Mimi made.
Pee-pee t-pees my mom made for Bry guy. They are life savers! He knows how to go through the outfits.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...
You make me happy when skies are gray.
Two little birds :)
I spray painted a bird cage and used it as a tie and hair bow holder. My mom also made all the darling fabric blocks.
I just loved spending time in this room waiting for the arrival of our babies!

Awaiting the Arrival of our Sweet Miracles

I'm back! Did anyone miss me? So I took 6 months off from blogging. I think I have a legitamate excuse. Twins have kept me busy to say the least! I will do my best to play catch up...
Brett and I had some pictures taken at 33 weeks of the pregnancy, 2 weeks before the twins arrival. (My friend at http://www.shellidamephotography.com/) I am so glad we did. For the most part, I loved being pregnant. There were a few things that weren't always the best, but I also saw them as a blessing. The initial morning sickness, while not exactly enjoyable, reminded me that there were two little people growing inside of me. I didn't go any where without cheerios or goldfish and had to force myself to eat so I didn't get really sick. This (and cottage cheese or vegetables, I know, strange cravings) was about all I wanted to eat in the early days. Not being able to fit in my favorite jeans or wear my wedding ring reminded me that they were growing. About this time, it was a stretch to get my poor feet to fit in flip flops. I'm talking MAJOR swelling. It seriously took three weeks post pregnancy for them to go down to normal! I would get really dizzy very easily. It was their way of reminding me to keep drinking tons of water and take it easy. I also slept (or tried to) with about six pillows so I was sitting up because the heart burn was so horrible. I swear, even drinking water made me get it. Charlie horses or muscle cramps in the middle of the night were a good time. There were so many things I loved about being pregnant though. Hands down, the best part of pregnancy... feeling the soccer kicks and boxing matches between the two babies. I sometimes really miss the little (and big) kicks.  Listening to two heart beats and seeing two babies on an ultra sound was incredible. I loved when they got the hiccups. (Between the two of them I could almost always feel them). I love when Brett would rub my belly and talk to them. He made me feel like a princess and that I was as gorgeous as I had ever been. It was so fun to think about them and wonder what they would be like... who they would look like... One of the greatest blessings I have ever been given has been to be blessed with bringing two little miracles into this world! We have so much love to give. More to come on the two little people that have become our whole world.