Saturday, June 18, 2011

Second Annual Girls Retreat

Had another great week with my mom and sisters (and my dad, too since he was invited to some meals, and a movie so "he could pay" as my mom put it. Totally kidding!).  We had a blast shopping, spa day, pool time, going out to eat, nightly yogurt runs, and just hanging out. Here we are at the cutest boutique, ever. Katy Bug Faye. We have always called my sister (on the right) Katy Bug when she was younger and her dog's name is Faye. Pretty fitting!
One of my new favorite stores, "Modern Mommy" Why don't they have this in Utah?!
Just a few clothes we bought for the twins... 
My mom signed us all up for a sewing class.  We made "grocery bags" or little totes. It was tons of fun.
Finished products! They all turned out so cute! 
Daddy with his pup, Kemo. (Short for Kemosabi, trusted friend) She would bark the entire car ride over to the park, she was so excited. We all went on a walk every morning. Well, my mom and sisters would run and my dad and Kemo would have to stay behind with Prego since I am "in a delicate condition" as my dad must have said 100 times. :)  One day after shopping, half a bag of salty popcorn and sitting at the movies my feet/calves got all swollen like crazy! It was so funny. My cute sister, Amy, that is in PA school said I had "stage 4 edema" I think is what she called it. I didn't know that could happen so early but I guess I wasn't used to the 100+ degree weather. Anyway, I love this picture...
13 year old golden retriever still taking Dad for a walk! She's pouting because she can't go run with my mom and sisters. Haha.
Daddy with his girls 
The girls 
Not to forget this girl that we can't get enough of!
Pool time! 
Total R & R... I really could just live in my parents back yard!
Went scorpian hunting one night with a black light and found this uninvited guest... 
We made our flag cake on Memorial Day. 
A trip to AZ wouldn't be complete without some yummy Mexican food!
Thanks Mom and Dad for a great week!