Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ray Mine, AZ

In December when we were in Arizona, we went on a little drive to check out my parents first house, and my dad's first job. We stopped at Dariy Queen, one of the many (kidding) eating establishments in Superior. It has got to be one of the originals remaining! They said nothing much has changed in the town...
Mine Overlook. It is impossible to get the whole mine in one shot, the scale is massive.
We had the best tour guide (my dad) as he told us how they processed everything. I was amazed by how much dirt they had to haul to get a small amount of copper.
Me and my mom standing in front of the mine and "Teacup" mountain. 
 Big equipment!

We continued on to the next town, Kearny, which is where they actually lived. Cute little town, much nicer than Superior. It was so fun to see their humble little first home, the tiny hospital my mom worked at as a nurse (and delivered her first baby on her own), and one of the first places they were when they started out.