Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Eve!

NYE was a great day. Brett wanted to go golfing, but I am a fair weather golfer and it was soo cold! So, we sent him off with my dad's cart heater and my mom and I were left with no choice but to go shopping. :) Does anyone else feel like Sephora is a candy store? I could spend hours in their looking at all the fun and beautiful makeup. Later, we all went out for a really yummy dinner followed by going to a Sun's game. (which they won!) Me and my parents:
Pregame warm-up. 
Orange guy, never misses a game.
I had to include a picture of our usher. This guy was almost as entertaining as the game. No flash photography (hello, EVERYONE in the arena is using flash photography!). No moving over to the next seat after halftime because "there are people coming for those seats". No standing in the isle longer than two seconds...etc. Let's just say he is the most vigilant usher there ever was. 
Steve Nash and Grant Hill. They killed it!
My love.
After the game, we had treats and went in the hot tub. It was so nice of Cardinals player Darnell Dockett to put on a great New Year's firework show for us to watch while in the hot tub!  (Not that we know him. You should google him. He's HUGE. I would never want to run into him in a dark alley, haha). Anyway, here's to a new year! I am so excited about what 2011 has in store for me and my little family.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas with The Francom's

One of the great things about being married, is you get two Christmas's. Since we were in Arizona with my family for Christmas this year, we had a special little Christmas gathering with Brett's parents at their beautiful new home. It was so nice to have an amazing home-made meal (I have been slacking in this department), and just spend time together.
Brett got this deer cart from his parents and took me for a spin around his parents home! Kinda fun! :)

Just playing around.

We decided to play some tennis, too, while in AZ. It was chilly but fun! Here's Amy and Jerrick...
Josh and Katy
Brett and me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shooting skeet.

While in Arizona, we drove to a skeet practice range, which was a lot of fun. They had many various stations you would go to.
The girlies. We make those protective eye wear look good!
Me and my guy. 
Amy and Jerrick. Once we figured out Amy was right eye dominant and she switched sides, she hit pretty much every skeet! 
Josh and Katy 
Don't mess. 
Our men.
Brett giving my mom a little lesson... There was a "rabbit throw" that went fast and low to the ground. I heard her shoot twice and saw dirt and things flying up like crazy and thought she smoked them. I guess she missed... but other than that she did awesome! :) 
Brett the "pro". 
I had so much fun, I might have to get my own gun to shoot with. (Just targets not little creatures, I will leave that to Brett). Do they come in pink?! :)

Christmas in Arizona!

This year all the sisters gathered at my parents home in Arizona for Christmas.  Brett and I got to stay for an entire week - it was so relaxing and fun! We spent lots of time playing games, eating great food, nightly dips in the hot tub, movies, tennis, shooting, golf, watching bowl games... More posts to come on all our fun. Thanks again Mom and Dad for everything and being such great hosts!
The girls. 
Me and my honey. 
My Mom's beautiful tree. And a few presents. 
Christmas tornado! 
Dad accidentally opened one of my Mom's presents. Oops! This is what happens when you have waay too many presents everywhere! 
Mr. Brett got new irons from Santa and just had to go try them out on Christmas. 
Amy got just a few scarves... :) 
Me and my daddy.
You had to fight me for this spot! :) When we get our next home, this is a must on my list. 
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!