Monday, September 12, 2011

We were showered with love!

My friend Kellie was so sweet to throw me a shower! Here is the cute invitation: 
It was so fun and great to see a lot of my closest friends. She made me the cutest formula cake (accented in grey and yellow to match the nursery of course)! We had chocolate fountain with anything you'd want for dipping, and cute mini cupcakes. I didn't get a picture with everyone, including my friend Holly, who also helped out :(
My cute friend Jill made these gorgeous afgans and little beanie hats for the twins. They were flawless, and I couldn't believe she spend all that time on us! They are so special and look amazing in the nursery. 
Melissa and I - darling little outfits! 
Brittany gave me the cutest matching bow and tie I can't wait to put on the babes. 
Steph and I 
My friend Ally, who I used to work with at Interior Solutions when I worked in Salt Lake. 
Some of my Tai Pan gals: Leticia and Angie 
Christina, (and her cute little man Cameron) who is a fellow Interior Designer I worked with at Interior Solutions. 
Kell, Me and Camille. These gals actually work at Circle of Life Womens Center and I totally get special treatment every time we go in for a Dr. Appointment! Love them. 
The aftermath of shower #1:
My sisters and Mom (along with the help of my aunts) planned another way cute shower for me. The theme? She's about to pop. Everything was centered around that theme - too cute! The colors were from my nursery accent colors: Tiffany Blue and Magenta.

She's about to {soda} pop. Root beer and cream soda.
Hummus pop 'ems.
Cake pops and popcorn... yum! 
My sister, Katy took all of the cooking genes from me and is amazing. She made these delicious Popovers with an avocado sauce. 
Lolly pop topiary that my Aunt Patti made. Adorable. 
Table setting 
Cute little clothes line with outfits and little bibs for the twins. 
My mom made these GORGEOUS circle quilts I wanted for cribs. I love them!! 
My sis, Amy got me the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag I had my eye on, and also made these adorable little owl hats for her future niece and nephew. My mom and both my sisters have so much talent!
How cute are they?! 
Not only is my sister Katy an amazing Chef, but she is also quite the artist! She painted these gorgeous, sweet, bird oil paintings for the nursery. They are so special. She also got the twins their tub and designer towels and washcloths so they will be set (and styling) for bath time! 
My sweet Grandma Kummer, Aunt Cheryl and Terry. 
Love this woman, she is the most generous person I've ever known. Her and my grandpa got us our double stroller! 
My cute aunts and Mom. 
All the cousins! 
How cute are these favors? They say "thanks for popping by" and are attached to Pop Rocks. 
The very next day, Brett's work threw him a surprise shower/party. They invited me so I could help surprise him, too. They had yummy cake and pies, and showered the Daddy-to-be with gifts! 
Cute cake, I love this saying... 
Cute little super hero swimming gear for baby boy. (we made him hold up all the cute clothes, just like girls do at showers) haha.
They gave us camo... 
Camo... (look at that smile!)
more camo...
and yes, more camo! Apparently they know Brett all too well.  I think our infants will have more camo than Daddy!
The day after this shower, was the Francom shower! Talk about a lot of fun - three showers in three days! Pictures on that to come soon...

Brett's Archery Deer Hunt

The Comedy of Errors (as told by Brett)
It all started Friday night. We spotted some nice bucks feeding just before dark. I got up early Saturday morning and got set up on a trail leading into their beds. Sat there from 6am - 9am and the deer finally showed up. They came in lower than expected and got bedded down before I could take a shot. The 7x7 was bedded at 55 yards. Waited for 3 more hours in the hot sun with no water because I had left my back pack up the hill. After sitting for 6 hours, not being able to feel my legs, a little 2 point spotted me trying to reposition. I came to full draw as the 7 point stood up.... Put my 50 yard pin on his back, squoze the trigger but I didn't realize my cam was in a sage brush. The Arrow only made it half way to the deer. Talk about dejection. 6 hours of my life wasted because of a stupid sage brush. After re-grouping, I spotted some deer bedded in a patch of quakies. Closed the distance to 200 yards, took off my shoes, and an hour and half later was within 40 yards. Decent 4 point was laying in his bed. Came to full draw, shot, and the arrow hit a twig half way there and glanced in front of him. Deer-2, Brett-0.
Sunday Night
Spotted the same 7x7 high in the basin. Made a plan for Monday morning. I Got up early and got into the bedding area. Spent 3 hours watching the deer feed when they finally started around the hill toward me. I got set up behind a quakie and had a doe and fawn feed by at 5 yards. I finally saw horns coming over the hill. The 7 point and a big 2 point were coming straight at me. The 2 point was in the lead and I couldn't tell if they were going to go in front or behind me. I couldn't draw my bow because they were coming straight for me. The 2 point was 5 feet behind me, with the 7 point 15 yards behind him. The 2 point blew out of there, taking the big one with him. I ran down the hill with no shoes on and got set up as the deer came by 70 yards below me. I moved my sight to 70 yards, but they didn't stop so no shot. I Watched them bed down with some other deer and Spent 2 hours crawling through stinging nettle and creeping through rocks. Of course with no shoes on. Got to within 43 yards of a 24" four point. I drew back and shot, and the arrow sailed way over his back. The deer scattered and then settled down. I thought I must have ranged him wrong. Crawled in further and had the 7 point bedded at 40 yards. Drew back and shot, and the arrow sailed way over his back. The deer scattered and I finally realized I hadn't moved my sight back from 70 yards. Deer-5, Brett-0. Completely demoralized, I hiked back up to get my back pack and shoes. I called my dad, told him I was done hunting. At that same time, I saw deer coming through the trees in the bottom of the canyon. I ran down the hill, and had them 100 yards below me. They didn't know where to go, and they would run out of the trees, then back in, then out then in. Finally a little spike came running right at me. They closed the distance fast, and I barely had time to put an arrow on. I didn't have time to range. I came to full draw as a big 4 point came out of the trees. Somehow, one of the arrows in my quiver fell half way out, and was hanging from my bow as I tried to anchor and aim. He stopped, I put my 30 yard pin on him, and I let it go. It finally all came together. He only went about about 100 yards and went down. From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs... in a few seconds. That's how it goes with bow hunting. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. But every once in a while the stars align and everything comes together. Now I just have to find a way to convince Kim to let me hang it in the house!
My cousin Chris and me with our deer shot a few hours apart from the same herd.

Summer Fishing

One of our favorite things to do is to enjoy the outdoors and get some sun and fish together. Here are some pictures of our many fishing trips this summer. Here we are bass fishing at East Canyon in June:
June Tiger Musky fishing
Brett would help me get the fish in if I caught it since they are pretty intimidating.
Show me your teeth! Brett was smart to pry it's mouth open to get a picture, right before it bit him :(
Brett had to convince me to hold my fish for a picture. It was kind of scary! It was the biggest one we caught at 40" Just sayin'.
Cat fishing on the Bear River in July...
Belly shot at 29 weeks.
One morning in July when we went to Pineview, we were the first boat out on the lake! The sunrise was beautiful.
Brett caught this musky on one of his first casts before the sun came up.
Cute little bass I caught on a musky lure that was as big as he was. I think his appetite was bigger than his mouth!
Brett's bass.
Brett had the chance to go on a guided fly fishing trip on the green river in July. Him and his friend Spencer from work took a client. Tough work - getting paid to fish! They had a lot of fun.
I love how happy Brett looks in this picture.
Brett's friend, Spencer. 
August Musky, perch and bass 
Brett's brother, Wade decided to fish with his son's "Diego" pole since the perch were so small. Pretty hilarious - I couldn't stop laughing! 
Brett wins the award for biggest bass of the year! 
Little crappie: (pronounced craw-py)