Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pheasant Opener

This made getting up early all worth it! This was one of the most beautiful sunrises.
 Me and my mom! Thanks for going on our adventure with us.
 Mack, Brett, Bella
 Brothers Wade and Brett, along with the pups Bella, Mack, and Gauge.
 My little hunter/gathers... Mack looks like he's about ready to die, they ran so hard to find the birds! Bella wouldn't wag her tail the rest of the day because it was so sore from wagging it too much I guess. haha. I'm glad they did a good job - we had this little guy for Sunday dinner.  I usually don't get too excited to eat most of the critters they bring home for me but, I tried a new recipe involving cream cheese and it was delish!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

I had so much fun this Halloween with our costumes! Here we are at our friends party dressed as Tiger Woods and his (now ex) wife Elin. I've got my 9 iron... he'll never cheat on me again! haha.
Happy "Hangover" Kellie and Kyle -Hilarious! (You have to have seen the movie; They were great hosts of the party. Thanks guys!)
Dustin and Camille
 Pups in their cute Halloween bandanas that "Grandma and Grandpa" sent them.
Mack is totally glaring at me...
 Mack and Bella (frog prince and Miss Piggy). This is about as good as it gets for a picture of both of them in costume.  They were running around like crazy - I don't think they loved the me too much. haha.
 I made these cute mummy pops with my sister-in-law and niece. (chocolate covered oreos, yum!)
We had fun visiting all our cute nephews and nieces in Highland and saw them all in costume. We weren't able to make it up to Williard to see our other nephews since they had the flu, but I saw a picture of their 3 year old as the big bad wolf and the little twin babies as the little piggies.  Possibly the cutest picture ever. (I will respect them and refrain from plastering pictures of all their cute kids on the internet since I don't think they would approve, but they were all so cute!) Well, maybe just one with a few of the boys and Uncle Brett, since you can't really see their faces. They are the cutest football players I've ever seen! :)
I love Halloween!