Thursday, August 5, 2010

Softball, Summer Fun

We had our 3rd annual bbq and fireworks in Bountiful with our friends Holly and Landon.  Holl's parents pretty much adopted us and we just show up every year now.  They are the nicest people and we love them!
Another night with the Smith's, we went to Speed Street! (higher speed go-kart racing).  I am already looking forward to going again! It was sooo much fun.  Except for the part when a guy tried to cut Brett off and pass him and his car was chilling out on the other guys leg!  He was pretty upset but I guess he was ok?!
1st and 2nd Place! (not really... but next time! Watch out boys.)
I debated and debated over mentioning the fact that Brett's softball team played in the St. George Heat Stroker Tounament.  Have you ever had the feeling you were watching a Jr. High team play a major league one?  Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not proud of their effort!  It was a bit of a rough night for the guys.  They were 0-4 on their games that lasted all night with their worst score being 3-26... Brett was the only pitcher not wearing a full face mask.  Who does that in softball?? Well, this picture pretty much sums up how it went! (Yep, the sun is coming up again! The rest are sleeping over by some picnic tables).  At least we got to play at the pools the rest of the weekend!
Better start practicing for next season starting now!

A lil camping/biking adventure

We had a good time with some friends on an overnighter camping trip by Williard Peak.  It was gorgeous.
We brought our dogs... our poor friends...
{Kyle, Austin, Brett} Their boy scouts paid off and we had a fire going in no time.
Aparently, we think we are professional mountain bikers. We all ended up having to walk out bikes around some cliffs that I'm not sure ANYONE, let alone us could maneuver around.  We saw several herds (is that what they're called?) of mountain goats while biking in their terrain.  It was so cool to see them up close!  At one point when we looked up, their was a larger one and then a baby standing right above us.  Probably thinking "what are they doing trying to bike up this?" haha.
Kyle managed to snap this beauty RIGHT after we did a long uphill climb. Sexy. It makes me laugh!
How cool is it that I had a snowball fight in July?!
Not sure what to put as a caption here?:
{Brooke, Kellie, Kim} We made it!
Mt. Ogden Peak

Tim McGraw and Lady A!

We decided last minute (and by that I mean Brett finally gave in) to go to Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum.  After waiting in the line of traffic on the single lane road, and then in will-call for well over an hour in 95 degree heat, we missed most of the opening act (Lady A).  Good thing we saw them last year when they opened for Kenny! Ha. Seriously though, Usana, get on board and e-mail tickets to customers!  Once we got past that frustration, it was a really fun concert with a lot of energy.  Plus, we love all the people watching.  You get a lot of real classy people at country concerts.  :)
Lady Antebellum - love them!  They are starting their own tour beginning this fall.
Seriously though, Tim makes 43 look good baby!!
Thanks for a fun date babe! Brett said Tim's song "It's a business doing pleasure with you" (on my playlist on the right), reminds him of me?! I don't think I'm THAT bad... am I?