Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A to the Z

With a little coordination, we (us three sisters) met in Arizona to surprise my dad for Father's Day.  It actually worked out so we all arrived at different times, so it was like three heart attacks for him.  It was so much fun I have to say! My dad is amazing.  He has the biggest sence of humor, is intelligent, generous, witty, and has a huge heart - he loooves his girls. It was a blast hanging by the pool and just spending time with family.
If you like pina coladas... Yum!
We did some grilling. Love summer.
Sisters in our matching shirts Amy brought back from her recent trip to Italy. I love these girls!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sothern Utah

Brett and I did a southern Utah trip for about a week over memorial day. It was such a great vacation - we would get up early to do hiking/mountain biking before the heat and then jumped in the pool at our hotel in the afternoon.  {A warning right now for the picture overload}. We started our trip in Bryce Canyon. It was so gorgeous in person - if you haven't had the chance to go you probably should.  Here is Thor's Hammer, a popular landmark at Bryce.
We rented some sweet bikes (over 3K ea!) and went to Gooseberry Mesa (near Zion) for some mountain biking.  We did the North Rim and the part of the South Rim trail.  Having never been mountain biking before, it was definitely a challenge!  (We heard that it was a challenge for experienced riders).  There may have been a moment that I threw my bike down in a bush and pouted after Brett tried to give me a few tips on the gears.  Haha. It was gorgeous though and once I got the hang of it, I loved it.  It's amazing how steep some of that stuff is and you can just keep peddling up it.  I thought for sure I would kill myself a few times.  I would without a doubt wear those sexy padded spandex shorts next time though, our butts were sore for a week!
Of course we had to golf while we were on vacation... This is Coral Canyon Golf Course.  It was such a fun and pretty course.
Brett making his birdie putt.
My ball seriously bounced 2 inches from the hole on this tee shot!
No, I'm really not that good, just all luck.
Zion National Park was gorgeous too.  We did a loop hike to the 3 emerald pools, which was easy and fun.  We were planning on doing the narrows hike (up the virgin river) but the water lever was too high due to all the rain and run-off so it was closed.  Maybe we will have to go back in the fall! In these pictures, you can see the little falls which are from the sandstone "sweating" after absorption from the rain.  I thought that was pretty cool.
While in Zion, we did the Angel's Landing Hike.  (My new favorite) It's not for kids or anyone remotely fearful of heights.  There were a lot of people that stopped before the last half mile, which is the hardest part since it goes straight up...  They were really be missing out!  I've been on some tough hikes since knowing Brett, and there were a few times that I was glad Brett was behind me telling me "You've got this."  There are sections of very narrow trail that you are so glad there are chains bolted into the mountain.  (Whoever had the guts to install them, I would like to know!)
We made it to the top! Oh yeah... it was worth it!