Friday, May 14, 2010

My 25th

I had such a great birthday this year!  (5.7) It started with Brett singing Happy Birthday to me in Russian with a candle in my favorite blueberry cake doughnut.  So sweet!  It was nice having my parents in town from AZ.  My mom took me and Brett to lunch for my favorite - Sushi - (well Brett opted out, but did try a California roll - which has no Sushi in it for those of you wondering.  It was a step though!)  I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping (and being spoiled) by my mom (Dad's orders)  :).   We got manicures.  It was just a relaxing and fun day.
We went to Rodizio Grill for dinner.  It is so delish if you haven't had the chance to go.  Brazilian bbq style with amazing meats, amazing salad bar - pace yourself is the best advice I can give.  One of my favorites is the roasted pineapple - like candy in your mouth!  My brother-in-law Jerrick works there so I'm not sure if he loves the extra time spent there for dinner - He did get up and play a mean bongo though when they sang me my birthday song!  Thanks so much everyone for making  it a special day!
I love this guy.  He surprised me with a Garmin watch.  It was literally one of the few surprises since we have been married because I am a brat and always try and find out or buy my own presents.  It was nice being surprised!  I'm so excited to try it out running. Love you babe.
Such a lucky girl to have such an amazing mom!  We are so close and I don't know what I would do without her.  Thank you Mom and Dad for my new outfit, purse, necklace, and U2 concert tickets!  Waay too much.
My sis Amy - love her!  Thank you (and Jerrick) for the adorable necklace! I will miss you tons but know you will do so well in Texas for P.A. school. It has been a blast having you so close the last few years - you are such a great friend.
We missed my sister Katy and her husband Josh who were busy packing to go cross country to Iowa (I think?) for the summer.  Good luck you two with summer sales!  Love ya.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am so lucky to have such amazing women in my life.  My mother is selfless.  She is thoughtful.  She is funny and playful.  She is amazingly creative.  She is nurturing.  She is always there for me - even if she lives in Arizona!  She is my number one fan (as a person and in all my business ventures).  She is a best friend.  Mom, thank you for all you are and all you do!  I love you. 

My Grandma K. is the single most generous person I know.  She is the definition of compassion.  She has a great sense of humor.  She is an amaaaazing cook!  She gives the best hugs.

My Grandma S. was free spirited.  She loved to sing to me.  She had a great love for children.  She had a deep concern and nurturing way for animals (that I think I got from her!).

My Mother-in-law is strong.  She is faithful.  She has a never ending concern for others.  She is genuine.  She is an inspiration to me and all that know her.  I am so greatful for the chance I've had to get to know and learn from her.
Here's to all the amazing women in our lives!
An arrangement I did for Mother's Day.
(Mom, Grandma K. Amy (sister), Me :)
We had brunch at my Grandma's, then visited Brett's parents and enjoyed pie. Yum!