Sunday, April 25, 2010


Brett has never really cared much about our blog, but kept bugging me to do a little post on this...
So, here ya go!
Brett and I went fishing this weekend on the Bear River.  We had a little picnic and it was so much fun! I love fishing with Brett because he gets me all set up so I don't have to touch the worms and he even handles the fish.  I get to do the fun part of hooking them and reeling them in. (He convinced me to hold this fat guy for a pic since it was the biggest fish I've ever caught. Good thing for anti-bac!)   We caught some little catfish and a few of these huge Carp.  They were little fighters - it kinda wore me out just to get this one in. It didn't help that my reel kept spinning backwards when the fish was flipping around - I need a new pole.  Maybe a cute new pink one for my birthday next week?! hahaha. Brett weighed it and this one weighed 20 pounds! I kept giving him crap because I put him to shame with the size of my fish.  It's ok babe, I've heard a lot of guys struggle with the size of their fish. :) It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the spring weather and each other before Brett goes out of town on business for the week.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Daughtry, Lifehouse, Cavo Concert

I am obsessed with music.  I love it.  Mostly all kinds.  I think I get it from my dad.  Brett didn't realize how much it meant to me when we first got married.  We've been on some lame concert dates, I'm not gonna lie.  The last concert we went to, Brett was plugging his ears and was the worst date. Ever!  (I don't understand how loud guns going off in your ear doesn't bother you but music does?) I have since had a little chat with him that marriage is about learning new things and appreciating them.  (like me going hunting with him, but of course not shooting anything!)  I just thought I would give you a little history because he was such a great date this time.  We went to the Blue Iguana in Salt Lake before hand and had an awesome night together at the concert.  Thanks babe - I had so much fun! *I took some awesome videos but can't upload them, so check out my tribute playlist on the right to hear what we saw live last night. :) (esp. Cavo's Let it Go if you haven't heard of them)
Daughtry has an amazing voice, even live! I wish he would have done some unplugged stuff.
Jason Wade of Lifehouse... so much talent. 
I saw Lifehouse at one of my first concerts so it was fun to see them again!
Jason Wade and Daughtry did a duet during the encore, so cool!
Just a little over a month until my next concert (U2 360 Tour) with my awesome parents! Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lia sophia jewelry spring sale!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Snow Basin

It makes me sad, almost a little teary eyed to be writing this post since our resort just closed for the season.  Snow Basin is a beautiful resort.  Thanks to the Olympics, the lodges/facilities are gorgeous and it was so nice being able to ride up in the gondola, especially on snowy days.  We practically lived up there every weekend - and some week days too!  We got season passes again this year, (last year to Park City) along with our good friends Holly and Landon.  They taught me how to snowboard 2/3 years ago and it's such a fun part of our lives now.  (Soo glad I never have to go back to the "beginner" days - that was rough!)   So many good memories and fun.  Here are a few pictures...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

low point.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved. ~Helen Keller

I know that God knows and loves us and does not give us more than we can handle.  Every once in a while, I just need the reminder.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a good Easter this year.  We are so lucky to be close to so many that we love.  I have been wanting to try out Bakerella's cake pops since I thought they are darling so I convinced my friend Holly to make them with me.  They seem so simple and cute, but were a TON of work.  If I ever forget how many hours they took us and decide to make them again, at least I will know a few things how to make it go smoother next time!  There were definitely a few not so perfect moments that nearly brought tears but we thought they did turn out pretty cute.  And yummy too.  Just to clarify, they are bunnies and chicks, NOT pigs and ducks as Brett's dad put it. :)
On Saturday, we celebrated with Brett's family in Lehi with our traditional adult easter egg hunt... involving money.  This event can be pretty intense, even graphic. The first year married to Brett, his sister was brutally shoved down and in tears by her husband and brother at the starting line.  The boys have gotten a little more cordial over the years since this event.  Since everyone gets an equal number of eggs, Brett usually tells me where several eggs are since I am a little slower to find them sometimes.  :)  This year, we beat everyone and got nearly $80 between the two of us!!

On Easter, my sisters and their husbands came to our house for a yummy brunch and fun.  We had our traditional overnight egg dish, cinnamon rolls, fruit smoothies, deviled eggs.... yum.
We decided to switch it up and play couples poker..Katy and Josh CLEANED HOUSE!
Amy is famous for her "cat naps".  Jerrick, what a good husband.
Me and my honey
.... we hid "pupperoni" in place of eggs around the house for our puppies.  Pretty entertaining.
Mom and Dad were sad they were all alone in Arizona but were so sweet to send us packages with easter outfits, candy, and even treats for our pooches!  They are so thoghtful and we miss them.   It was fun to spend time with family and remember the reason for Easter.