Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vegas Getaway!

Brett's friend had a trip planned to Vegas for the Mountain West Tourny but got injured (tore his ACL and meniscus) playing church dodge ball.  Poor guy!  We did what we could to help him out and took his room at the Hilton!  We enjoyed the road trip and had a lot of fun hanging out together and lounging by the pool. Here are a few pics of our adventure.  (Some day this will be the real Eiffel Tower!)
We went to a Blue Man Group show... definitely over-rated if you ask me!  If you go, don't pay more than $20/$30 a ticket.  It was fun though.
I love me some Chippendale boys! haha.
We went to The Painted Desert Golf Course
I need to start taking lessons again once it warms up. I was a liiiiiiitle rusty. :)
Look at that form! :)
Can't wait for our next getaway!

Happy Birthday Baby!

We had fun celebrating Brett's birthday in February.  He still doesn't love birthdays, but I am trying each year to make it special and fun... He took a half day off work and we went up to Snow Basin for some snow boarding.  I was just getting over being up all night with the stomach flu, so I was a little nervous how I would do.  It was tons of fun, as usual though.  My Mom was in town so we were able to take her with us to dinner at Teppanyaki. Yum! (I always try to get Brett to try my Sushi roll because he would like it if he tried it... no such luck). :)
He {almost} completed his bow setup.  He got his bow for Christmas so he got it all pimped out as well as new arrows.  He also got a golf club from my parents that I had to convince him it was ok if he didn't sleep with it. haha.  He did find the only golf course that was open yet down in Salt Lake by the airport and has been going there every chance he gets!
Action Shot
Mack, "how long do I really have to wear this rediculous bow?... oh the things I do for a treat."
We also met up with Brett's parents at The Blue Iguana (one of our favorites) in Salt Lake to celebrate.  (I forgot to get a picture).  I'm so lucky to be able to spend another birthday with you baby, love you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Girls Trip in NYC for Mom's 50th!

My mom recently celebrated 50 years young. To celebrate, she took her 3 daughters to New York City! It was so much fun and a special vacation we will never forget. Thank you so much Daddy for making it all possible! Here are a few moments from our trip...
We took a walk through Central Park on the way to one of the 4 museums we visited. (The Guggenheim, The MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), The MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art), and The Museum of Natural History.  The weather was so beautiful for mid february!

The Guggenheim art museum.  (Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright)
I was in heaven looking at all the amazing art I learned about in my art history classes!
I bet this is one place the boys would have been disapointed to miss... The Musem of Natural History
Look out Katy!!
Prehistoric Moose... I thought they were big now!
I just had to mention that a guy took this picture. He kept moving closer and didn't think that maybe we wanted a cool dinosaur in our picture. I guess the background will have to do. :)
My mom's fav artist is Monet... we got to see a whole series of his Waterlilly Collection at the MET.
We went on a Harbor Cruise and saw the NY Skyline and the Statue of Liberty.  I had no idea how massive the city was until we flew into it.  Seeing it by boat was a great way to do it.
It was beautiful!
We took a visit to China Town to do some shopping.  Canal Street is so much fun!  We got knock off purses and jewelry.  They were actually celebrating their New Year so it was a lot of fun.  We sampled the bakeries and tried some peking duck. Not too bad! Although I think it would be too much work to pluck one of Brett's ducks.  Plus I wouldn't want to take away our dogs favorite treat!

Rockefeller Plaza
Top of the Rock Skyline view.
We pretty much had to cave and buy these delicious roasted street nuts anytime we saw them!
St. Patricks Cathedral was beautiful.
We went shopping at SOHO.  Here we are having Mexican Hot Chocolate.  Yum!
Birthday Girl! Fondu and chocolate cake with cayenne pepper!
We went to Tiffany's!
We got my mom (and by we I mean mostly my dad) a beautiful key necklace.
Here she is opening it at our hotel.
Wicked was probably the highlight of our trip.  We had amazing seats (8th row)! The music was phenominal. I will never look at the Wizard of OZ the same again.
For my mom's birthday we went to The View, a revolving restaurant on top of our hotel.
We did the dessert buffet - amazing! (both the view and the food)
Happy Birthday to a beautiful mom, inside and out.  I don't know what I would do without you!
Thanks so much again Mom and Dad!  We will have to do more girls trips!

Christmas... In March?

So... I never got around to blogging about Christmas, I'm soo behind!  Better late than never! We went down to AZ and had a blast.  My sister Amy and her husband Jerrick went down too.  We had so much fun.  Thanks so much for the amazing hospitality and fun Mom and Dad!

Christmas Eve (note the 2 liter of dt. coke on the floor conviently behind me) :)
My dad makes the best prime rib... ever.
Just a dog hoping to get lucky! (and she does)
My cute mom.  And her cute apron.  I wonder who made it? :)
We went to Mannheim Steamroller for their Christmas Concert and it was so fun to watch.  They are seriously talented.  We also went to Zoo Lights... which was fun but I think everyone in Phoenix thougtht it would be a good idea as well.
Brett also made us go golfing in 40 degree weather! (This is the coldest it ever gets there pretty much - record lows). It was so freezing and I was thankful my dad had a cart heater so I could get the feeling back in my fingers! We went in their hot tub pretty much every night and it was sooo nice and relaxing. Can't wait to go back!
We also got the chance meet at our Grandparents house in Salt Lake for dinner. 
My grandparents and I surprised my sisters with cricuts!
They are two of the best people you could ever meet.