Saturday, December 19, 2009

ifly and flow-rider

Brett's company won a local contest and we were able to go to the ifly (indoor skydiving), and flow-rider (kneeboarding and surfing) at Fat Cats in Ogden. It was a blast! It would have been $130 a person and it was free so you can't beat that! It really made me want to go real sky diving even more! (I just have to talk Brett or someone else to go with me!)
Group Shot. Sexy outfits, right? haha.
The Naturals!

Brett surfing it up...
Our reaction to him eating it hard! For the record, it's nothing like snowboarding... Oh and a tip if you ever go, don't rely only on a bikini - some girl was a little exposed after she fell!
Me kneeboarding:Fun night!