Friday, July 24, 2009

kenny chesney... I think his tractor's sexy!

Brett took me on the best date ever! We went to the famous red iguana (mexican restaurant in salt lake) for dinner, then went to the concert. I was sooo excited when I found out our seats were on the shaded half of the stadium since it reached 100. It was sooo hot!

I'm sorry for all you Sugarland lovers out there, but I'm not a fan of her music. Needness to say, I was so excited when I saw a giant sign when we were walking in stating that she had lost her voice and the other pre-show acts would be extended! Yay! The openers were awesome, I am a new huge fan of lady antebellum. I've heard all their hit singles, and the rest of their stuff is awesome as well!

Miranda Lambert was a great opener too. I love her.

Kenny of course put on an awesome show, I was loving it. Brett was a good sport since I know he isn't a huge music fan. A lot of the time when I looked over at him, he was busy watching the security guard handle people, or something equally as exciting. Haha. No, he really was a fun date. The concert started at 5:30 and didn't end until around 11:30! I've never been to a concert that long. It was awesome, Kenny never slowed down with his intensity. Thanks baby! I had an amazing time!!

A fan threw him a Ute hat and he came out wearing it for his encore. It was cool.

Friday, July 10, 2009

hello chicago

Brett had some business in Chicago, visiting customers. I was so excited since I've always wanted to go to Chicago to see the beautiful architecture. After the great fire in 1871 that destroyed a third of the city, the city underwent rapid planning and reconstruction. We went on a tour and saw all the great buildings. We saw the Trump tower, where you can stay in the pent house sweet for a mere $10K a night. We also saw the high rise where Oprah currently resides. We also saw Al Capones old office and a church, yes a church, where his gang gunned down another.

This is the navy pier where they have live music and all kinds of entertainment. The view from the ferris wheel was awesome!

We went to a Cubs game while we were there, which was fun, but I have to admit the fans weren't as crazy as I thought they'd be.

The city was crystal clean with potted flowers and flower beds everywhere. It was so beautiful!

The view from the Hancock building was amazing! It is the 2nd tallest building in Chicago (the Sears tower being the first). The elevator ride to the 96th floor took about the same amount of time as the ride to 7th floor of our hotel we stayed at.

celebrating freedom

We had a fun time celebrating our freedom this year. I love this holiday!
We started the celebration on the 3rd and went to dinner and fireworks in Bountiful with our friends Holly and Landon. They were great as usual!

We celebrated my sister Katy's birthday with a bbq and our traditional flag cake. She got a new puppy for her birthday - a sweet golden retriever named Keisha.

We met up with some cousins - the shupes and the dones for the parade in North Ogden. (after eating a yummy breakfast in the park at the cherry days).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Designing my parents home in Arizona!

It was great spending time with my parents in their new home! Before we started, the walls were all the same buttercream gold. Beautiful, but all the same! What a difference a little color makes! It was a foreclosure so many of the light fixtures were missing -- I have to say, my mom did a great job on selecting new ones! It was a whirlwind week of selecting fabrics, shopping, hanging art, and staging. I left my poor mom quite the list of things to do to make everything complete. (mainly window treatments). Thanks so much you guys for putting so much faith in me to help you bring it all together - it was the perfect opportunity in starting my new business!

This is an artist (from Poland) that did a spectacular mural on the outside of the snail shower of the master. It is really quite something to look at in real life. My dad named it the "window of opportunity" which is so fitting as you look up you can't help but wonder what is next on the horizon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sorry I've been slacking in the blog department. Things have been busy! Anyway, Brett had business in the San Diego area a few weeks ago so we decided to make a little trip out of it.

The famous Torrey Pines golf course, where Tiger won the US Open last year. It was beautiful. We also went on a hike on the national trails. What an amazing view when we got to the top at sunset. Apparantly the type of pine can only be found one other place in the world.

We had a blast spending time together on the beach. There were all these seals that were sun bathing on rocks at this beach. They were so cute!

We were on our way to a beach and noticed the San Diego temple off the freeway so we had to stop. (we felt a little underdressed in our beach clothes but it was too beautiful not to look).

We met up with my aunt, uncle and cousins (The Johnsons) at Dodgers Stadium. Uncle Kelly got us Dodger dogs and malts - we had a blast. Dodgers won!