Tuesday, May 26, 2009

long weekend!

Brett put Mack in my little bag I had and carried him for a while. It was pretty funny. This about sums it up with Belle tugging on her leash.

Brett and I had a lot of fun together this past memorial weekend. We went to pineview lake, went golfing, played tennis, watched some playoff games with our friends Holly and Landon, went for a hike up waterfall canyon in Ogden, and had dinner with my awesome grandparents, sister and husband and cousin Keri! The hike was a workout between carrying the tired puppy that just layed down and started whining because he was tired and trying to hold Bella back from checking out all the other dogs and people. It was so pretty though and definitely worth it!

Friday, May 22, 2009

babysitting nephew wyatt

I got the chance to do an overnight sit for Brett's brother and his wifes son. He is adorable, when he gets his way. We had a fun time together though. He loved playing with the puppies and finger painting with pudding. Hopefully they don't get mad at me for letting him do that, but he is quite the artist. I took him to the park in Syracuse and we looked at the ducks and cows. So much excitement for him. I had so much fun taking pictures of him, even though he got tired of the camera fast. I think we got some cute ones though!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My birthday present = Mack!

I had the best birthday! My parents were in town and I went golfing with my mom and Brett in the morning. For dinner, we went to Tempanyaki, one of my favs. My sister Amy and her husband Jerrick and my Grandparents also came up, which made it fun.
After months of begging for another dog, my cute husband decided to get me one for my birthday! (I am such a dog lover - they make the best companions). Plus I think Bella needed a friend to play with during the day. I love little Macky, he is the most adorable little yellow lab. It is entertaining watching him interact with our other dog Bella. They love each other! The only problem is I don't remember potty training being such an ordeal when we got Bella. He seems to have it mixed up where he is supposed to do his duty. Maybe if I put a piece of carpet outside he will go there? Suggestions anyone?