Sunday, November 2, 2008

We love fall!

Some Expensive Pheasants
Brett and his brother Wade went out for the pheasant hunt opener and had a good time until they got yelled at by an irrate farmer and met some fish and game officers that were waiting for them when they got back to the truck... What they didn't know was that they both would be ticketed for tresspassing (in Brett's words "walking through a field that wasn't posted") for being on private property. ouch! Bella was oblivious and had fun with her first experience "pinning down the pheasants".
We had my sisters Amy and her husband Jerrick and Katy with her new fiance Josh over for a pumpkin dinner and carving. It was good to see everyone! (and no we did not all plan to wear purple, but it made for some cute pictures!)

Our latest photo of our Bella Monster as a Bumble Bee!
She didn't even seem to mind wearing it around.
It did take about a half hour to get this photo of her though (below).

Brett apparently thought Halloween was a good excuse to dress up in my clothes and makeup... (should I be worried?)